Construction and Maintenance


Industrial Construction
Change to an organization, whether it involves new construction, renovation or consolidation, has an impact. When we undertake a project, our goal is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. AL AWTHAR focuses on cost and schedule management – keeping dates firm and forecasts accurate.
We pride ourselves in our ability to minimize or eliminate interruptions to our customers’ business, recognizing that a truly successful project depends on maintaining the health of their daily operations. That is why we put as much effort into managing the process as we put into perfecting the product. We go the extra mile to provide a total solution, accepting accountability and delivering responsive service, every step of the way.

Heavy Civil Construction
We flourish on accomplishing technical and difficult projects in challenging locations. We use our experience and skills to develop innovative engineering solutions.
“Structures that last are built on strong foundations.” That is not just an engineering principle, it is our business philosophy. We take pride in everything we build and when it comes to building trust, we start from the ground up. The relationships we have built with our customers are our strongest foundation.
We undertakes all type of Civil construction maintenance, structural construction, renovations, plastering, plumbing, electrical works and maintenance, oil sectors, villas and homes. We are experienced in force protection such as design and construction of T – wall, Alaskan Barriers and all other types of Barriers. We undertake staging area, Concrete Pad, Helipad and runways. Concrete structures etc. Excavation Work Gravel Spreading and Compacting Pavement Utility Construction and Installation Sun Shades – ECP’s, Checkpoints, etc.

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